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We are here to lose our weight
And to gain ourselves
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11th-Jan-2006 10:19 am(no subject)
Alright... its the new year!!! What happened to us!? Anyone motivated to get started!!?? I have go meet all of my husbands family in New York in September. I want to look good! I know I said I want to be healthy too, Yes, definently. I think all my health problems will go away when i loose 50 pounds.... but i want to look good for my trip!!!

I just wish I could stay away from the sweets and nachos! AWWW why is it so hard!!
14th-Nov-2005 01:03 pm(no subject)
Hello! Summer, we sound too much a like. About 2 years ago I went to the doctor to get an ingrown toenail taken out. Now I dont know how we got on this subject, i think the doctor was trying to get my mind off of him sticking a huge needle in my toe but we started talking about weight and how that can be causing my toenails to become ingrown becasue of all the weight I put on my feet. So the Doc asked me how I gained all my weight (this was pre-pregnancy!) and I remember telling him what sounds like your story. About how my mom didnt allow fast food so when I moved out at 18 I splurgedon Mcdonalds and midori sours!!! Just to get back at her. So my doctor blamed my mom for my weight gain. Growing up my mom pretty much and a lock on the refrigerator. Not literaly but we would have to ask when we wanted something to eat. And it was only stocked with healthy stuff. Like dessert to us would be fat free popcorn. My mom was a health nut. I remember her always wearing her areobic leotards and leg warmers around the house and her head band.. too funny, cute though. So it all started in Jr High. My friend Faith and I would work in the cafeteria at school and we would get free hot lunches but we would double up on the fries, even triple up sometimes. So thats when i started getting chuncky. Then I got a job working at galaxy burgers when i was 15... and my wieght just blew up! So my mom got on me, really hard about it. Always. I could never eat bad food in front of her so I just hid it from her and snuck it up to my room and gobbled it down! Even my skinny sister did that. She would hide pieces of cheese or chocolate in her room. But she wasnt as bad as me. So finally my SR of highschool someone offered me a drug that would make me skinny.... and becasue my mom was so hard on meI felt pressured and did it. I did it for like 3 months and went from being 155 lbs to 113. Yes, my mom was pleased but I wasnt. So I told my parents what I had done and from then on stopped doing it and started eating again. I went up to 200. I was 200 pounds when I met my husband. When I got pregnant I was 205. When I gave birth I was 255 the day of. So get this.... 2 days after I gave birth to a 10 pound baby I weight 265. What the hell!! Arent I supposed to be 10 pounds lighter becasue the baby came out!!! I guess because of the epideral I had alot of water weight. So last year I reached the highest... 275. Then I started loosing some and when I got sick with the anxiety/panic I went down to 246... that was around May of this year. I am now back up to 254.... 1 pound lighter then the day I gave birth. I would love to be between 175-200. I dont want to be supper skinny... just comfortable to look good for my husband and to be healthy! Thats what its all about! Our health. We sound like we both have an addiction to bad food. We have to learn how to break it. My thinking was maybe i could be really good all week long and then have 1 night to treat myself but not go overboard.

Well thats my weight story.
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